Monday, April 30, 2012

Comparing Compositions: Rockwell and Pollock

Can you think of two artists that are more different than Norman Rockwell and Jackson Pollock? My 2nd graders are enjoying the styles of both artists, and trying out a little of each. After an informative PowerPoint showcasing both artists, we did discover a few similarities: both were American men born about 100 years ago, both had studios that were originally old barns, and both worked in the New England region of the USA.
Students enjoyed the skilled portraits of Rockwell, and many students shared that they thought his paintings were like scenes from a movie. We attempted a "Triple Self-Portrait," as seen on the iconic magazine cover, with the artist calmly sitting at his easel and studying his own reflection.
Pollock's work was intriguing to the kids, and they were especially excited about the photos of him working in his studio, splashing and dripping across the canvas on the floor in an artistic rhythm. They also liked that they could use their imaginations when looking at his art.
The culminating artwork we are working on is still in the works, and I am really excited to share them soon... Until then, here are some shots of our research for Comparing Compositions!

Trying our hand at illustrating ourselves (in triplicate!)
Powerpoint on new projector ; )

Painting, Pollock style

This painting, The Connoiseur, is the inspiration for our final product. Can't wait to post these!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A field trip to remember

Wow - what a day! 176 third graders and 18 teachers and chaperones piled aboard buses and made the drive to downtown Atlanta to see the "Picasso to Warhol" exhibit in its final days before being shipped back to the MOMA in NYC. This is the first time an entire grade level from Dolvin has visited the High, and even with a traffic delay crunching our already tight schedule, it was worth it to see and hear what the kids had to say about the experience. Here are some pictures of our kids enjoying some modern masterpieces... Enjoy, I'm hitting the hay :).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space age art room

I've been telling my classes that a UFO has landed in the art room. Actually, it's just my new projector for my interactive whiteboard, which I am so excited about. My technology has advanced by light years in the past week- thank you to the Dolvin Foundation for the projector, and I'm still reeling over my new iPad 2, purchased with the profits from our Original Works program. I foresee a revolution in art learning, that is, as I adapt a little at a time. In this first week alone, I have been able to digitally demonstrate and replay weaving techniques using the My Brushes app, research fossils with my kinders, and prep my 3rd graders for our field trip to the High museum.

from My Brushes, a demo of weaving 2 color stripes

3rd graders getting a sneak preview of the Picasso to Warhol exhibit before Friday's field trip

a dovetail weave demo - it replays itself!

2nd graders comparing compositions of Rockwell and Pollock

More 3rd grade coil pots

Here are some more recently fired pots, fresh out of the kiln...

interesting coils, some are like snakes

intricate, delicate coils

nice, grape-y purple glaze

nice bottle forms

Monday, April 23, 2012

Computer Art Club

Fourth grade Computer Art Club members have been using digital photography for portraits and perspective drawing on the computer. Students took two photos of each other, one full body and one a head shot. We incorporated the walking pose into the landscape and altered the head shot, Warhol style.