Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Create your own Camouflage, 5th grade

This lesson was a challenge for my 5th graders to choose a setting and imagine a camouflage pattern that might blend in. We were inspired by the work of artist Liu Bolin, aka the Invisible Man. Can you find him in the images below? (Look for the feet)


Some of our settings were realistic and others more imaginative. We used a planning sheet to prepare our ideas and then blended lots of custom paint colors.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Self-portraits 2019 - K, 1, and 3

Kindergarteners made head-to-toe self-portraits by combining shapes and adding personal details and interests. We made them colorful using the tissue painting technique. Just adorable!




First grade made similar portraits but used a combination of crayon and watercolor for the addition of color. These are full of personality.

Our third graders advanced to a head and shoulders self-portrait, featuring facial proportions.

2nd grade Matisse unit:collage and painting

Second graders explored the art of French artist Henri Matisse and created a painting and a collage using his style. Our collages focused on shapes as in his vegetable and ocean collages – we began with geometric shapes and layered organic shapes on top. His style is very loose and abstract, so we remembered what we had learned from our book Ish about making “Ish- art”.

 Our paintings focused on an interior of a room with a window view. Students mix their own colors from primary colors and created tints with white. We enjoyed the freedom of painting without drawing first - very expressive.

4th grade: Food Trucks and Abstractions

This drawing lesson was an opportunity for 4th graders to draw from their imaginations while thinking about a design that would attract attention. We also chose a setting for our trucks, and lots of descriptive detail, as a writer might do.

After we finished our food truck designs, we jumped into an abstract creation based on the art of Ellsworth Kelly, whose art is currently featured on a postage stamp. We started with our names and then cut them into a grid and rearranged them. I think they have a great visual energy.