Friday, December 28, 2018

#petpARTners portraits, December 2018

All classes have been working on their pet portraits that feature the dogs and cats of FurKids animal shelter, in hopes that sharing the art online and around the community will raise awareness and get more pets adopted. Not only are we enjoying this community service project, but we are growing our drawing and observation skills as well.

Fifth graders took inspiration from the work of Maira Kalman, who includes a little of the human caregiver in her portraits. The pet is always the feature!






 Grades k-4 worked on traditional style portraits as seen in this next group. We hope that sharing our work will entice viewers to go adopt a pet from FurKids or your own community shelter.

Gingerbread, Snowflakes, and December fun

Congrats to the classes who made the biggest “splash" in art for the first semester! Good behavior will earn a special activity for you in the new year!

 Kindergarten enjoyed making stamp printed gingerbread houses - we traced a shape with pencil, then stamped textures, lines, and shapes using different kinds of stamping tools. 



Fourth and fifth graders tried some unique snowflakes from the Pink Stripey Socks blog - Narwhal & Jelly flakes and Fa La La Llama snowflakes!




Grades 2-3 made traditional snowflakes following the kirigami steps of 3 folds, 3 corner cuts and 3 side cuts.

My trip to see Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama

On the first day of Christmas break, my family visited the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see the amazing Yayoi Kusama exhibit Infinity Mirrors. It was a beautiful show and we took lots of great pics - the only room where photography wasn’t allowed was the pumpkin room, where the the room was filled with the warm light of glowing glass pumpkin sculptures. We also got to see some old favorites by Anish Kapoor and Kehinde Wiley - take a look! I hope everyone is enjoying their time at home... see you soon!