Monday, December 28, 2015

Kindergarten snowflakes in clay

Squeeze, roll, pinch, press... These are the steps for making a clay snowflake ornament. After firing, we glaze, fire again, and string! We wrapped them with hand-drawn snowflake paper and tucked a cut paper snowflake in our bags for good measure.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

4th grade city prints 2015

For all the details on this tried-and-true lesson, please use the search function in the right sidebar to see posts from years past. A quick recap - we drew building designs after looking at the work of James Gulliver Hancock's drawings from All the Buildings in New York, then transferred them to styrofoam printing plates and printed them on colorful papers. Once dry, we traded prints and assembled cityscape collages using different buildings together. I love this look!

1st grade snowbirds

Texture was the focus here - we used rubbing plates to texturizing the papers for the birds and printed newspaper for tree bark texture, topping it off with a real feather or two.

Winter collagraph prints, 3rd grade

These charming prints were created by gluing a variety of foam and corrugated paper shapes to a mat board printing plate, then rolling with white printing ink and printing on colored paper. Finally, we folded a white paper into fourths and cut paper frames - we even made snowflakes from the remaining paper for no waste! The plates took two sessions to assemble, with one session for printing (3 per student) and one more session for framing and uploading to Artsonia.
Most of the shapes were cut by hand, although the snowflakes and snow men were precut.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Matching pairs, winter socks & mittens

Kinder artists made their own matching pairs after reading the book A Pair of Socks. They were amazed to learn the trick of folding the paper before cutting to get two identical shapes! They did an fantastic job with their cutting and gluing and making matching patterns.