Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two weeks in

The first couple of weeks of school is all about settling in, getting our feet under us (especially me!), and  finding our inspiration. We're starting off by finding our personal interests and connections using writing and visuals. We're also making new portfolios, not only to contain our projects but also to track our art learning - three levels this year! SLO's are underway for the first time ever for my first grade artists. Enjoy these pics from our first two weeks, and check back soon for upcoming posts on an Instagram challenge and a new after-school club. Thanks for stopping by!

Our collaborative "Pinspiration" board

An idea sheet to refer to during the year to ensure we are using personal voice in our art, no matter what  problem we are solving - FREE DOWNLOAD at my new Teachers Pay Teachers page -

Newly designed portfolios for K-1, 2-3, 4-5

Getting started on our positive and negative dots from The Dot

Fourth graders studying observational drawing with gesture, contour, and mannequins

Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome back! See what's new...

It's our first week back to school and all of my smartest artists are working on new portfolios and a Pinterest-inspired inspiration board group project. I am really lucky to have an amazing art room and I made a few updates this summer, just to freshen things up a bit, including a new rug and bench in the reading area.

I created a small workspace for two called "the QT", or the quiet table, for kids who want to work away from the others for a bit. The QT is surrounded by little plants, adding to the peaceful quality, and topped off with some beautifully illustrated motivational posters by Pop! Prints - Scholastic.

I have updated my portfolios and now have three different levels - K/1, 2/3, 4/5 - with word walls, media tallies, color wheels and more.

I will be using the "ART" noise level again this year, and the stack of papers under the paperweight is called an Art Starter Idea Sheet, which is a space for making personal observations and recording favorite memories, and can be referred to throughout the year when starting new projects. Each student should be connected to their art and able to make personal creative choices.

I updated the look of my classroom bulletin boards as well, although most of the info hasn't changed. I did move my hand painted elements of art to a new space and am in the process of making the principles of art to go with them.

Couldn't resist these happy lil paintbrush faces...

Here's the side of the room I can show you now - the other corner is getting a mural soon so it's kind of a mess and I will be excited to share that corner in the next few weeks hopefully.

You art teachers will recognize the infamous Michael's frames that everyone bought on the massive clearance this summer! I also made a little sign using the word "challenge" to remind the students that althought they are having a ball in art, they are learning, problem solving, and creatively challenging themselves. 

I spend a good bit of time posting about our art experiences online, so I made a little "following" wall, also with the clearance bonanza wooden shapes :). Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram, just look for the links on the right sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's to a wonderful, artful, peaceful year.