Sunday, April 26, 2020

Mystery Drawing Monday - April 27

Grab your pencil and paper and turn on your listening ears - it’s time for another Mystery Drawing! This one is super cute and will be fun for you to personalize with your own colorful details. Speaking of colorful, I am also reposting my “coloring tips” video and pictures below from last week in case you missed it. Scroll WAY DOWN to the bottom of the post to see my finished artwork from today’s lesson. PS - it’s not a desert if that pic came up in the preview :)

I miss you guys - thanks for drawing with me! I can’t wait to see how cute these look so send them my way. Teachers and parents- I have two sets of Mystery Drawings available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop if you are interested.

Coloring Tips:

Here are some pics of my coloring and detail steps. Feel free to be creative here. Cute!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday - Spring Arts Showcase

I hope that you guys have enjoyed some fun art activities this week - it has been a thrill seeing what you have sent me! Today we are going to wrap up with some photos of the work you guys completed this week, a new Fan Letter from the Artsonia gallery, and a video lesson from me on coloring tips - so keep scrolling! :)
First let's take a look at this week's Mystery Drawings 😍😍😍: the Eiffel Tower with cherry blossoms

I'm so glad Mystery Drawings are something we can continue from our classroom - thanks for drawing with me, everyone!

Today's Fan Letter from the Artsonia Gallery goes toooo... 3rd graders Chloe and Serena, 4th grader Katsiaryna, and 5th graders Claire, Ashlyn and Haley:
Dear girls, 
Your pet portraits are amazing! Each of you found a unique way to show the beauty and sweetness of each of these FurKids shelter animals just by looking at their photos through your creative vision. It is wonderful to share your art with the world, especially when it can help others. Thank you for showing outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. #petpARTners
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

Here are some of the fabulous art submissions I received this week through Artsonia, Seesaw, Twitter, and email - I am proud of how all my artists are working independently at home!

Here is today’s drawing activity - spicing up your coloring projects! Grab your crayons and paper and let’s brush up on our coloring skills. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday - Spring Arts Showcase

Love this image from Kansas City Young Audiences

Today's art feature for the Spring Arts Showcase is community service! Artists help their communities by sharing messages and solving problems in interesting and creative ways.
We like to tie in a service project to our Fine Arts Night celebration - in recent years it has been #petpARTners and #FreeArtFriday. Today, you can think of a way to brighten the day of someone in your community through art. If you have a favorite community service activity, how can you add your artistry to that? I will give you a few suggestions below, but make sure you choose something that is meaningful to you - it does not have to be from my list. Make sure you share your creation with me and on social media with your parents' help. Ideas:

#petpARTners - a community service art program we created at Dolvin to raise awareness of the homeless pet population
Make some art about a shelter pet and share it online, along with the shelter information. At Dolvin, we use the FurKids Atlanta website - there are several other local shelters if you have a favorite. Search my blog for tons of ideas about #petpARTners.

#FreeArtFriday - a feel good art movement where artists share their art in the community for free, often in a scavenger hunt format using social media
Make a small work of art with a positive message, and leave it to be found - maybe on a neighbor's doorstep.  Search my blog for Free Art Friday ideas.

ATC's - Artist Trading Cards are small 2.5 x 3.5” works of art that are traded and collected
ATC's are perfect for spreading a positive message or idea, and for Free Art Friday as well. Draw a positive message and share with someone - mail is a great way to share an ATC. Search my blog for ATC ideas.

Next topic - Fan Letter! I hope you guys are logging on to our school's Artsonia gallery and leaving comments (Fan Mail) for students - see this post for more info on how to do that. Today's fan letter from our Artsonia gallery ...
Dear Leah from 2nd grade, 
Your clay pet portrait of a dog from FurKids is an excellent example of creating a 3-D form from clay. You modeled the ears just so and joined pieces of clay to make the face and snout, and you painted it to look realistic. Thank you for sharing this so that people in our community will get to know the pets in our local shelter and hopefully adopt these pets and make donations for their care. It makes me smile! 
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

Finally, here are some pics from the community service events we have done in the past at our Fine Arts Night - I hope they inspire you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Wednesday - Spring Art Showcase

Hi friends! Today I have a few fun activities for you. First, we are going to post our home galleries - where do you show off your creations at home? We want to see! The fridge, the bulletin board, maybe a scrapbook or file box... maybe even a fancy gallery wall! Take a picture of your favorite place(s) to show off your artwork and I will share them here soon. There are lots of ways to share your pictures with me - Artsonia, Seesaw, email, Instagram, and Twitter. I can’t wait for us to visit each other's galleries! Here are a few of my favorite art spots at home... my refrigerator, my coat hook ledge, my plant window, and my shadow box.

Next, I'd like to share this post from the High Museum of Art that inspired me, and I hope it will inspire you too. Make a sunny day work of art, or share your favorite by another artist - be sure and let us know who the artist is. Tag me and use hashtags #DolvinGoesDigital and #FCSrising - or I can post for you.

Finally, I'd like to share another Fan Letter from our Artsonia gallery - today's letter goes to first grader Emma Agos.
Dear Agos, 
Your self-portrait is so colorful and lovely - the hearts and bright colors fill me with cheer. I really like your crown and the way you used crayon and watercolor paint together. Thank you for trying your very best.
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

Monday, April 20, 2020

Tuesday- Spring Arts Showcase

Today I am sharing a video with you that will help you upload your art to Artsonia. In our art room, grades 2-5 have been uploading their art themselves. Parents will need to assist the K-1 kiddos.

I would also like to share two Fan Letters I wrote from our Artsonia gallery. I hope you will write some as well - see Monday’s post if you need the info on that.

Dear Carolyn and Adam (4th graders), 
I love your truck designs! Both of you came up with really clever ideas for your truck, and in your own unique ways. Adam's design is really detailed and complex, and he put a lot of thought into the features of the truck. Carolyn's bright and beachy ice cream truck looks right at home with the sand and surf. I would love to visit both of those trucks in real life - thanks for doing your best with this project. 
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Welcome to the Spring Arts Showcase!

Hi Dolvin families and Smartest Artists! Although it is disappointing that we aren’t assembling for Fine Arts Night for the first time in decades, we are happy to present a celebration of art and music at Dolvin right in the comfort of your own homes! Here is the schedule for the week - everything will be posted here on my blog:
Monday - Welcome video, Fan Letters & Mystery Drawing
Tuesday - Artsonia from home how-to, Fan Letter
Wednesday - Share your home gallery, Fan Letter
Thursday - Art activity, Fan Letter
Friday - Wrap-up, sharing, and Fan Letter

It's MONDAY! Please watch this welcome video and then follow these easy steps to access our digital art show and portfolio review:

1. Go to our school's online art gallery here:
2. Type in your student's first name and select their portfolio.
3. Enjoy exploring the artwork you have collected over the years at Dolvin - notice how much you have grown as an artist! Talk about the different materials, techniques, and inspirations found in all the different works. What are you most proud of? What changes would you make?
4. Select "Comment" at the top of the gallery page to leave a comment on your student's work.
5. Share the love! Search for a friend's gallery (or browse the whole Dolvin gallery) and leave a comment on their work - it's always a thrill to read a compliment about your art. Parents, you will need to assist your child when posting comments for friends because you must be of a certain age - please enter the parent's birth year. Also, all comments require parental approval before they are posted. In addition, let distant family members know about this opportunity - I get so much amazing feedback from grandparents and family members who LOVE seeing their loved ones' art on Artsonia and leaving some Fan Mail!

If you'd like to write an actual paper Fan Letter like we have at Fine Arts Night, you can print one at home by clicking this link:

Remember that you can upload the art you are creating at home to your digital portfolio - just click on the "Artsonia" tab at the top of the page for the how-to's. All of the original pieces of art are safely stored at school in their student portfolios and will be returned to students when we are able to go back. Although our traditional frames are not available this year, Artsonia does offer art prints and many other products with your student's art on them.

Below, I am posting some behind the scenes pics from this year of our artists hard at work. They really warm my heart and make me feel so accomplished! Thank you, thank you for joining us and  celebrating the arts in our school! #DolvinGoesDigital #FCSrising