Thursday, February 6, 2020

Valentines and Lunar New Year, 2020

Kindergarten has been making some printed hearts for Valentine’s Day, while the older kids have been writing Love Letters to a work of art. We also tried a little bit of traditional Asian ink drawing to celebrate the year of the rat - we ground fresh ink using an ink stick and stone with bamboo pens and brushes on rice paper. Enjoy our pics!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Perspective drawing in grades 3-5

Perspective drawing is all about creating an illusion of space in an artwork - there are lots of different ways to show 3-D perspective. 5th graders drew buildings using two vanishing points on the horizon. They personalized their drawings with details of their own after learning the steps.

Fourth graders learned to draw a landscape using one vanishing point on a horizon line.

Third graders experimented with a horizon line, a road connecting to a vanishing point, high and low placement, and size changes - all help to create near and far space.
You can also use the effect on letters as seen in this Snoopy drawing...

African inspired paper weaving, 1st grade

Colorful Kente cloths and stamp printed adinkra cloths of Africa were the inspiration for these paper weavings in first grade. We used Safari Fadeless paper featuring animals of Africa for the weaving strips.