Sunday, February 21, 2016

Paper sculpture buildings

Kindergarteners have spent a couple of sessions lately looking at examples of architecture and drawing buildings using combined shapes. Next, we turned these flat designs into 3-D designs with paper folding techniques - some were demonstrated by me, and others they figured out by trial, error, and success! They love this lesson, every time. Our art show company, Artome, donates mat board inserts to the art room and they make perfect bases.

Scholastic Teacher ARTicle & Artsonia update

So happy to be included in this month's Scholastic Teacher magazine! Kindergarten art, inspired by Alma Thomas, is the topic. The link to the original blog post is here:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sneak peek of Free heART Friday!

Sooooo... I've been planning this big art hunt for the Friday before Valentine's Day. Silly me didn't check the calendar and as it turns out we have a teacher workday! No worries - we will just do it on Thursday and pretend :).
Here are a few previews of some of the art "drops" classes have been working on...
More posts coming Friday!

String art hearts in 5th

Artist Trading Cards in 2-4

Lidded pinch pots, 2nd grade

This lesson was inspired by a post from - I just loved the little nose handles and faces painted on the lids!  After pinching our pots and texturizing the sides, we turned them upside down on a slab and cut a slightly larger round lid. We scored and slipped the clay to attach the nose/ handle. A coat of tempera paint was the finishing touch after firing. 
These will be wonderful to hold small treasures.

Side view:

Kindergarten Valentines 2016

Stamp printing gadgets with tempera paint was the first step in creating these joyous valentines.

The next step was cutting them out, gluing to a background, and adding lines to represent the "love or energy" coming out. We can only feel love, but how do we think it may look if we could see it coming from our hearts? Expressive lines!

Happy hearts day!