Tuesday, May 26, 2020

School's out, Summer's here! 2020

I wanted to write one more blog post about this school year's end before summer kicks in! We had two drive by parades, celebrating our graduating 5th graders, and one celebrating the retirement of our data clerk extraordinaire, Nancy Adams.


I was super excited to find this cute sign in my yard from my awesome admin team! I had to share the space with my son who is now a high school graduate.

I got to visit some of the Teams meetings and some of us even drew together! 

I loved seeing all the amazing videos created by Megan Endicott, our music teacher, and Brad Agnew, our parent yearbook creator - thanks for the many hours you put into creating these memories for us! I loved seeing the thank-yous from the kids.

  And the art was still coming in - here are a few highlights from the final week. 

All 3 Phillips brothers submitted artwork to the High Museum's student online gallery - so cool!


I cleaned my room and distributed all the portfolios to the homeroom teachers - all 26. 

Happy summer everyone - stay safe and have fun - I've got more "dog training” to do 😃. See you soon! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mystery Drawing: Last Day of School Edition!

OK Smartest Artists, stretch those fingers and twist those wrists, roll your shoulders and here we go - it’s our Last Day of School Mystery Drawing!
Thank you so much to all the artists who have been sending your completed drawings to me - you have all been working hard and I am proud of you! I will be posting a few more fun art activities for you to try out over the summer, so if you are feeling creative please check in right here. Stay safe, stay healthy, and I will see you real soon. Bye bye!

Teachers and Parents, find out more about my Mystery Drawings here - Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mystery Drawing Monday: May 18, celebration edition!

Have fun with today’s mystery drawing - the theme for today is celebrating our splash cards for the year. Our School earned over 3000! This drawing could also be used to make a nice Fathers Day gift next month.
Teachers and parents, if you like Mystery Drawings, check out the two packets I have available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mystery Drawing Monday: May 11

Here’s this week’s Mystery Drawing! You will need paper, pencil, a straight edge, and coloring or painting tools. Remember that once you solve the mystery, add your own details to personalize your art. Have fun and please share your completed works with me.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Your artwork is ready to go home!

I am so happy to share that all of the artwork we made this year is sorted, packed into your portfolios, and ready for you to take home on the day you are picking up your belongings. The only exceptions to that are the incomplete clay creations and sewing/weaving projects that were still on looms or hoops - I have all of those safely tucked away and we will start next year off with those, so don’t be disappointed! Even the bulletin board works are down and packed - whew!

Even though we missed our art show (for the first time ever!) and didn’t quite get to all the projects we had planned, we still accomplished a lot of work and have impressive portfolios to be proud of. Please take the time to go through these as a family and celebrate your progress as an artist.
Here’s a little look at the art room how we left it - I promise it will look back to normal next time you visit! 

If you have any unfinished work in your portfolio, it's not too late to put the finishing touches on and upload to Artsonia or Seesaw. Remember the High Museum is also accepting student art submissions on their Facebook gallery - just click this link.https://dolvinartknight.blogspot.com/2020/04/high-museum-virtual-student-art-exhibit.html?m=1

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mystery Drawing Monday: Mother’s Day Edition

This drawing can be a nice surprise for your mom or another special person in your life. If your mom is hanging around, you might politely ask her to look away so your drawing will be a surprise! Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 10.

Mystery drawing packets are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, and they are having a big sale May 5-6.
Shoutout to 4th grader Mason who submitted a drawing he made at home to the High Museum’s Student gallery!