Saturday, April 29, 2017

New color experiment

I wanted my kids to go beyond basic color mixing and get to know some of the tricks to getting custom colors, but I didn't want to do the same boring primary-to-secondary sets. So I tried out a new experiment sheet and called it Discover Color. It is pretty open ended and the kids find mixtures they like (and don't like) based on some simple instructions - there is a place to record results and write notes, including a "Yes! or Yuck" vote. My classes are 45 minutes and this filled one session perfectly, but I can see using this before any painting project to work out a palette selection. They had fun with it and created some really nice colors! 
If you'd like to try Discover Color, you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

American Landscapes inspired by Cross Country, High Museum of Art

Our own High Museum of Art is currently showing a terrific group of American landscapes from the first half of the 20th century. My fifth graders studied some of the works that were available to see online, and brainstormed some of their favorite places to visit in America. I made a packet for each table using pictures from the High and a sheet of research ideas. We used iPads to do some research, as well as using our memories to help with the details. We focused on foreground, middle ground, and background and tried some different painting techniques with our watercolor, like wash, wet on wet, and dry detailing. We have some beautiful results! Students will write artist statements on their Artsonia posts, giving more information about the landscape site they selected.
***update- thanks for the souvenirs, High Museum!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Art show/FurKids fundraiser

We had another big turnout for our annual Fine Arts Night art show and chorus concert - this year we also raised money for our local animal shelter FurKids. We have been promoting them and raising awareness all year by including the homeless pets in our artwork and sharing around the community and online. The kids have really embraced this community service project. #petpARTners

Artome set us up with a nice presentation of the student artwork the day before the event so that the students could get a sneak peek the day of the event, and get their families excited to attend that evening. It is so nice to get to see families talking about art, and many wrote FAN letters to their students. I also made the letters available to the students during the sneak peek if they wanted to compliment another student.

During the year, when we had extra time, we collected our crayon stubs and melted them into new paw print shaped crayons using a silicone mold. We also used leftover clay after clay lessons to make clay paw charms. We set these out at a FurKids information table and asked for a minimum $1 donation, with all the money donated to the shelter. It was a fantastic night and I have to say a big thank you to all the teacher volunteers, my assistants Samantha and Daniela from 4th grade, and all the students and families! I can't wait to announce our donation very soon... :)