Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TpT sale and High Museum trip

I have posted some new resources on my Teachers pay Teachers store this summer and am offering a summer sale July 1-4! Come check out my new vocabulary handouts and some old favorites too - thanks art teacher friends! 

I also visited the High Museum in Atlanta on Sunday- did any of you take advantage of free admission day? It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed several exhibits like....
The Art of Coca-Cola, with a room full of Warhols

The Mo Willems exhibit with the Pigeon and my favorite, Naked Mole Rat in several outfits. I just think he is a hoot.

 This was an exciting new piece by KAWS in the contemporary wing.

 And of course the Alex Katz show was just gorgeous with its oversized canvases of portraits and landscapes.

 Outside we were treated to some great live music, with a fantastic tuba trio! It was a great day.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Free admission to the High Museum tomorrow, June 28!

Dolvin families - there are some fantastic exhibits to see right now at our very own High Museum of Art, and you can see them free tomorrow! http://www.high.org/Programs/Programs/Events/2015-Events/Special-Events/Michael-Shapiro-Community-Day-062815.aspx
Here are some of the exhibits you can see - I grabbed these pics from the website, so the buttons don't work but just click the link above instead of on the pics.

Monday, June 22, 2015

#dolvinsummersketch - let's share!

Dolvin kids, I hope you are having a fantastic summer so far - mine has been quite busy! Remember that sketching ideas sheet you took home in your portfolios at the end of the year? My readers and I would love to see what you've been sketching! There are three ways to share, with your parents' permission:
1. Twitter share a picture of your sketch by tagging me (@MKSAfaf) and use the hashtag #dolvinsummersketch
2. Using Instagram, post your pic with the hashtag #dolvinsummersketch. I will repost on my page too!
3. Email your sketch pics to knighth@fultonschools.org and I will share them for you.

Here are some sketches I've made so far this summer...
This is my dog Peanut. She is one year old and loves to chase bugs at night in the backyard. I took some action pics of her and made this sketch from one. It's been really hot out during the day so we go for a lot of night walks.

I have also been working on drawing some vocabulary handouts/posters for the art room which will soon be available for art teachers on my Teachers pay Teachers store - click the link on the tabs at the top to go there. 

Can't wait to see your sketches, Smartest Artists!