Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Celebrations - Fall '19

We’ve had lots of fun this fall at Dolvin and in the art room - here are some pics of some special moments.

Thankful for Reading Day:

Sweet handmade gifts from students:

Banner for the cafeteria made by my second grade friends:

The biggest toad I've ever seen hopped by one day:

Glow party with Ms. Greathouse's 5th grade to celebrate "Hats Off to good behavior":

Lots of amazing entries to the yearbook cover art contest - winners will be announced soon!

Fortunate to be working with a group of teachers (TPS Architects) on developing arts infused units for 5th grade - Teaching with Primary Sources:

A lovely lunch celebration celebrating Fulton County's Teachers of the Year:

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season - thanks for catching up with us!

Kindergarten clay gingerbread houses

 Kindergartners really had fun experimenting with clay and we used a variety of hand building techniques to create our gingerbread houses. We added the color using oil pastels and we strung some beads from the hanger and decorated our to go bags. So cute!

Northern Lights monoprints, 2nd grade

Second graders enjoyed making Northern Lights monoprints with Arctic animals - we drew a simple icy landscape with black Sharpie and white crayon, then colored a plastic transparency with Crayola markers. Spritz the plastic with a mist of water and print on the paper - you can feel the reflection of the sky on the ice, so beautiful!

Van Gogh unit part 2: Starry Night landscapes

The first lesson in our Van Gogh unit is just a few posts back - Sunflower still life collages. With part two of our lesson, we studied the parts of a landscape using Van Gogh's Starry Night. Some students used a watercolor and pastel resist and others used a marker and crayon combo. Always an engaging and successful lesson, accompanied by songs inspired by moonlight. We also watched the video about Van Gogh by "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists.”

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Lighthouse Landscapes, 4th grade

This beautiful Caldecott book and the story of the changing world of the lighthouse keeper inspired my 4th grade artists, as well as the paintings of American artist Edward Hopper.
We featured space and mood in our watercolors.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Pumpkin paintings, K, 2 & 5

Kindergarten artists have been painting pumpkin landscapes featuring overlapping and simple spatial elements. We mixed tempera and added detail with oil pastel.

Fifth graders used values to create a pumpkin form, then added pattern inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama.

Second graders also experimented with form using tints and shades of a hue. They continued to practice their own publishing with Artsonia.

Kindergarten leaves and owls

Our owl drawings were made using one of the kids’ favorite things we do in the art room - the mystery drawing! Listening for clues, I guide the students through the shapes until someone guesses what it is - then we personalize with details, colors, and descriptive titles. They are always full of personality. My Mystery Drawing sets are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists.
The leaves were made using a crayon and watercolor resist, giving them a feeling of floating on a pond or blowing in the breeze.

3rd grade mosaics

Texture was a featured element in our fall mosaics - we used glossy, colorful magazine pages for the mosaic pieces, with a fuzzy yarn outline and a soft chalk pastel background. Mosaic is a very old art form dating back to ancient times.