Saturday, April 16, 2022

Pictures from my last day at Dolvin

I had the best celebration I could have ever imagined! Thanks to all the students, teachers, and friends who made my retirement celebration so special. It started with an escort to my room - the most far away in the building - by my sweet friend Mr. Maloy. Then it was nonstop hugs, hand-drawn notes, and even a parade planned by Ms. Noles and Ms. Shaffer with students chanting my name! Next came the party in the media center where I received lots of love and a beautiful award. Miss Pratt and the hospitality committee did a terrific job of putting out a yummy snack spread with a Snoopy theme - my favorite of course. My friend Rita baked the perfect cake and my friend Jeff, former band teacher at Dolvin, drove up to entertain us on the piano. The student chorus serenaded me with Here Comes the Sun led by Ms. Young. Finally a few of us went for a few toasts and stayed for some music bingo down the street. The next day my family took me to Seaside Florida for some R&R. I can’t thank everyone enough for such a great day. Here are some special pics:

“I am an Artist” - Youth Art & Music Month

March is the month we celebrate the Fine Arts in our schools each year - unfortunately we have not been able to have our traditional art show and musical performance the last few years, but this year we were able to do a simplified version. Sometimes simple can be very effective! I knew that this would be my last art show at Dolvin so I talked the theme over with Ms. Young, our new music teacher, and we decided to get to the heart of the matter - that we are all artists. 
We spent some time in our art and music classes going over all the different ways that we can create. We also learned the ASL way to say “I am an Artist” which was fun and new for most of us. Every student produced a self-portrait that illustrated their artistic endeavors and they were all on display in the halls during the final week of March ( and during my last day parade!) In addition, Ms. Young taught the kids to make Flipgrid videos of their talents and these were displayed on monitors in the building and QR codes  were posted for accessing the videos on devices. We were able to see students demonstrate their dancing, singing, cooking, acting and other skills. The classroom teachers were very helpful in hanging these hall displays and everyone was very proud to show off their visual and performing arts!