Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunflower still life, 1st grade

My first graders made sunflower collages that showed three stages of the sunflower - the bud, the mature flower, and the older wilting flower. We used tearing and cutting techniques. Love all the compositions.

Part two of our Van Gogh unit is coming up next with the Starry Night landscape.


  1. Lovely! Can you please explain the steps and the supplies? Also, how many class periods did this take?

    1. Hi Andi - we spent two 45 minute classes on the project, plus a little more on the intro and wrap up. We used construction paper and crayons - first we cut out the vase and drew the table. Next, I demonstrated techniques for making the different flowers by cutting and tearing. Finally we added stems and leaves to connect the flowers to the vase.


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