Friday, May 11, 2012

Smartest Artist of the Month: May 2012

Our featured artist this month is 5th grader Caroline C., who is currently working on a beautiful tapestry weaving.  Caroline has impressed us with her artistic talents for many years here at Dolvin, and I know she will continue to grow in her creativity as she enters middle school next year.  Caroline is very dedicated and serious about her work in art class and always strives to do her very best.
Caroline enjoys making art because "it's creative," and in her spare time she also loves playing outside and beign with friends.  She loves going to the beach and just having fun!  Thanks, Caroline, for sharing your awesome work with us.  We will miss you next year!

This is a painting Caroline has been working on in her after-school art class -
she said she has spent about 9 hours on this Van Gogh replica.

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