Monday, May 14, 2012

Portfolios: Parent feedback appreciated!

Parents, please look for your child's art portfolio to arrive in your child's backpack one day this week - the students are very excited to share them with you.  It is full of practice sketches, brainstorming ideas, completed projects, and other important info we learned during the year.  Our pieces from Fine Arts Night should arrive tomorrow, so it is possible that some classes may receive those seperately.
I found a nice idea for storing work like this on the IHeart Organizing blog. I am doing this for my own 2 kids. It seems much easier than scrapbooking, which is what I've been doing up until this year - just drop important memories into a new file folder every year!

kids school year folders Although you can't keep every paper that comes home, please go through the art portfolio with your child and talk about what they learned during the different lessons.  Together, choose a few pieces to file, stick on the fridge or in a frame, or add to a scrapbook.
Here are some great questions and discussion topics for you and your child when they proudly bring home their portfolio:
Were you inspired by a particular artist for this piece?
What materials did you use?
Which is your favorite and why?
Does this have a special meaning to you?
Does this piece look like something from real life or from your imagination?
What would you change about this if you could?
What did you title this piece?
I would love to hear from parents  - please let me know your favorite ways to keep your children's artworks by adding a comment.  I would also love to hear which pieces were your favorites this year, so I can keep them in the repertoire! We really accomplished a lot this year and I am very proud of the work they are taking home - enjoy! (If only you could see my closet right now - we are bursting at the seams : )


  1. Love your new blog banner :) I would really like to be able to store each of my students work in portfolios because I love the impact that this would have, but wow, the storage....I don't even know where I would put it all!! And then to keep up with new kids & kids moving. I admire you for this!!

    1. Thanks Laura, I made it yesterday while avoiding doing all the yucky room cleaning that is staring me in the face. I can't get it in the center - there's still a green square off to the side... ?
      Luckily I have a closet with lots of shelves that makes storing the portfolios pretty easy. Without that, I have no idea how I'd keep them organized. As for the new students coming in, it worked out pretty well to pair them up with a reliable student who would help them fill in the parts they'd missed. Enjoy your summer!

  2. I keep Katy's art work and other school papers in a clear Sterilite box. It's organized kind of like an archeological dig, pre-school is on the bottom and fourth grade on the top. It's water-proof (should the creek ever rise high enough to flood the house) and fits well with the other organizing bins on her storage shelves. My dad built the case and it's a work of art, itself!

    1. That's awesome - thanks for sharing. Happy summer, Katy and family.


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