Tuesday, March 17, 2020

5th grade mask sculptures

Fifth graders took a dive into some ancient cultures by studying masks, which have been used in cultures around the world. People of Ancient Greece, Egypt, Asia, and the Americas created masks from natural materials for reasons like celebrations, storytelling, and memorials. Some masks were made to be worn, while others were symbolic.
After looking at a variety of examples, students sketched ideas for human and animal masks using realistic and abstract styles. They selected a design and began work with 3D materials which we saved, like cardboard, marker caps, small boxes, and other doodads. We used liquid glue, string, and tape for most of our attaching, and I manned the hot glue gun for stubborn pieces. The kids were very creative in their designs and had a lot of fun using the wide variety of materials.
My example:
 Our supplies:

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