Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sewing and Weaving!

All classes have been working on some type of sewing or weaving project in our fourth unit. Here are some in progress shots - we are wrapping it up very soon as our days in the year are numbered! The kids love working with fibers and always get really into it!
I will be posting a few how-to’s and step by step pics this week, I promise. I’ll also have pics of Kindergarten suns and 4th grade portraits.

Second grade flowers, made with running stitch and back stitch - a few had time to try the satin stitch.

First grade names with rainbow yarn - we used a running stitch.

Needle & Thread Clubbers are sewing some of their own creations, and also taking inspiration from artist Jessica Rosestitch on Instagram who makes embroidered sculptures. I’m making one of these as well - it's addictive!


 This face embroidery was inspired by an Instagram post from art_teacher_mama.

Fifth graders are learning to weave patterns on a cardboard loom - the end result is a wall hanging.


Third graders created embroidered monograms using the couching stitch.

I made magnetic boxes for needle storage this year and invested in a bobbin box from Walmart for the embroidery floss - working out well! You can also see my old method - storing in baggies.

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