Sunday, September 24, 2017

Composing with shapes in second

We learned about geometric and organic shape in second grade, and created a composition that used both. We filled in our negative space, or background, with torn pieces of tissue paper and water. These are organic because they have uneven, irregular edges and can change, unlike geometric shapes which have rules - for example, a square has to have four even sides that are straight. An organic shape such as a cloud or a puddle can change all the time.
Once the papers have dried and we peel the tissues off, it's time to start the geometric shapes. Using a cardboard straight edge and a sharpie, we draw straight connected lines by connecting randomly placed dots. We fill the page and add a few colored shapes for interest, choose an orientation and sign the corner! Creating compositions is fun when you have a variety of tools to work with.
Thanks to Elizabeth Lyle @e_lyle on Instagram for posting the inspiration for this lesson!


  1. Who do you use as an artist exemplar? I would love to use this but want to add a contemporary artist in the mix. I feel like it looks so familiar! Also great way to learn shapes and review color mixing. LOVE it.

    1. We didn't refer to an artist with this one because we spent most of our time talking about the different kind of shapes and ways to make them with our tools. Paul Klee would be a great one for this!

  2. I am really liking this, Hope!! It reminds me of the 5th grade tints/shades gems lesson I did that was also inspired by you. I will certainly be trying this!

  3. I love this! I will definitely use it with my art integration classes.


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