Sunday, September 20, 2015

Miro style tissue paintings, 2nd grade

Second graders began the year with the story Ish, which inspired us to be loose, expressive, and worry-free in our drawing. Next, we looked at the art of Joan Miro, who definitely had that same idea for his art - it is called abstract. We examined one of his well- known works and guessed what was happening - then we read the title and it cleared up a few questions. Reading the title of a work can often be helpful in understanding it better.
      People and Dog in Front of the Sun

We drew characters in a setting using abstract lines and shapes inspired by Miro, then we added random color by tissue painting, or wetting the paper and arranging colorful tissue squares. When dry, we peeled the squares off and created a descriptive title for our work. These artwork info forms are available on my Teachers pay Teachers page,


  1. Beautiful! Don't you just LOVE tissue paper staining?! My seconds do a Jack-'O-Lantern project with the tissue paper stained background! They have already been asking when we are going to do it! They remember seeing last year's and can't wait! I save all of the dried tissue paper squares in a box and we use them for other projects during the year! They become these AMAZING tie-dyed papers! The kids also like to use them during a free activity time and glue them down in a collage!

  2. How is class dojo working for you? I meant to ask you when you were here! Loved having you come by, by the way--fun to spend some time sharing.

    1. I love Class Dojo - this week I am giving my rewards for the highest points in each grade and my art stars for those who earned 10 points so far. I am also using their Class Story feature to share pics from class with the families - it is really cool!

    2. Oh and yes - it was great being in your classroom - we should do that more often! Thanks for letting me come visit.


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