Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sub plan: while I was away at NAEA...

Here is a sub plan that went so nicely that I am moving it up to the big leagues for next year... A sub plan no more! First of all, I had a fantastic sub, but I was just really excited by the creativity the kids put into this lesson and was so pleased when I returned to see their results. We all know that most often the kids don't give it their all with a sub, but I think they really did with this idea - "the paint puddle that comes to life." The directions included this example - artist on Flikr - and some different paint containers to draw from, like bottles, spray cans, tubes and tipping buckets. Forms and organic shapes fill out the composition, with color mixing and a creative title thrown in too. These examples are from grades 3-5.

Speaking of NAEA, my favorite parts were the Tim Gunn design challenge with my friend Mollie, and
meeting some other art teachers in real life that I have been online friends with: Donna, Lisa, Rina, and Phyl. Here we are catching a taxi after a long first day :)


  1. love it! i've had the source image pinned for a while, but couldn't see where to try it out:) your kiddos (and sub) did a great job!

  2. Great idea, I'll have to put this one in my sub folder!

  3. Gorgeous!! Perfection as usual :)


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