Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bright beginnings...

We are in the midst of several multi-week activities, so here is a sneak peek of our progress in a few grades -
Third graders are learning some simple perspective techniques to suggest space. Wet on wet watercolor creates a perfect fuzzy, out of focus background called atmospheric perspective. When the birds are complete they wil have a sharp, detailed contrast against the background and look much closer in space. We are using birds native to Georgia as our subjects.

Fourth graders are also learning perspective techniques using a single vanishing point. Peter Max is our artist of inspiration here. Watercolor is up next.

Second graders are trying out a monoprinting technique using folded and rubbed paper and a symmetrical shape. Hearts are perfect for this activity, inspired of course by Jim Dine. 

Stay tuned, much more to come including 5th grade 2-point perspective, 1st grade African art, and Kindergarten pop alphabet prints. Thanks for stopping by! Check our daily progress on Instagram @smartestartists.


  1. I like those birds!!! Keep up the excellent work!! I'm moving on to perspective with 5th grade soon.....fingers crossed it's successful. I'd love any tips you can share :) 4th grade is already in the midst of their surreal rooms using perspective.

    1. finally, a comment place. You are awesome. I've wanted to tell you this all year. As a past art teacher and current art therapist, I love the joy, originality, use of famous artists, and acceptance of imperfection.


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