Saturday, December 27, 2014

Clay works for K-2

Here are some pics of our clay projects that recently went home with my youngest students. I hope they have each found a perfect spot for display at home! Find out more details by searching previous posts on these lessons - just enter the name of the lesson in the space on the right sidebar.

Kindergarten: shoe print charms with a focus on surface texture and glazing

First grade: Van Gogh-inspired sunflower pinch pots with a focus on form, texture and glazing

Second grade: thumb owls with a focus on modeling, pinching form, texture and glazing


  1. I love work with clay! Clay allows kids to work in 3D! It's fantastic that you have the equipment to let your students create with clay!

  2. I love the label idea! I will be stealing that one, thank you!!

  3. How do you instruct your students to pinch out the clay for the petals on the sunflowers? I would be afraid of them pinching it too thin or tearing it off.

    1. I demo each step with the kids gathered around - keep the lip very thick at first when making the bowl, then using only one finger and thumb to pinch each petal gently, then if you want pointier petals you can flip it over and pinch each one in the other direction - would only show this step to more advanced kids.


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