Thursday, March 28, 2013

Face jugs 2013

Face jugs, a tradition in my 5th grade class every year.  See this post from last year with more info and a link to a great History Detectives clip about the origins of face jugs. Students could build a traditional "ugly" jug, an animal face, or a stylized human face (not so ugly). Both additive and subtractive sculpting methods were used on our clay bodies, made from joined pinch pots. We used Dick Blick glazes - a very affordable option with great results!

ready for first firing - can you see my "Finn" example on top?

new this year, pressing alphabet noodles in to spell names or phrases! love it : )


  1. These are fun. My fifth grade project is a tradition too. Clay creatures!

  2. Just calling in to say that I love these mug jugs muchly
    Best wishes

  3. These are awesome!!!

  4. question for ya- did you start the firing process while they were still damp? the pieces look mighty green. asking because i have a HEAP of pinch pots to fire for glazing next week... over 200 suckers:)

    1. that top layer was not quite dry, so that afternoon i put it on low for about an hour with the lid open all the way to speed up the drying, then the next morning they were good to go! Good luck with your face pots - saw them yesterday!


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