Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mitten Monoprints

Second graders enjoyed the monoprint process during our lesson, and many recalled the similar technique from last year when we made monoprint monarch butterflies.

We began by folding our paper in half and drawing a mitten shape around one of our hands with a pencil. Next, we traced along our pencil line with a brush dipped in tempera, stopping to print every few inches by folding the paper over the painted line and rubbing. We are creating a symmetrical pair.
We created patterns and colors inside the mitten shape as well, printing each new line to create a perfect symmetrical match.
Finally, we cut the mittens and added arms and a snowy background, as if we are catching snowflakes! Wishful thinking here in Georgia (it's 75 degrees out.)
Thanks to MN Art Gal - I saw her cute mitten project using painted plaid lines on Pinterest and it led me to this...


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