Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5th grade color studies underway... (+ snowmen)

As a painter and color enthusiast myself, I get really fired up for a good session of painting with the kids.  Fifth graders are beginning their nonobjective color studies, inspired by works from Paul Klee, Arthur Dove, and Sonia Delauney.  We completed a prep sheet with thumbnail sketches, plotted compositions, and mapped out color schemes, then dove right in.  After umpteen years of washing paint trays, I finally figured out how to use lidded condiment cups and magazines as palettes - just peel off and toss!  Super easy. 

working with a monochromatic scheme

and analogous

and complementary

inspirational posters with student art

On another note, last week, I had a group of students who I don't usually see come for a lesson, so I decided to try out a craft - something we typically don't have in our curriculum, but this was not a "regulation" day so we went for it.  Found on Pinterest, click here for original site.


  1. Very interesting "mash-up" of artists for inspiration. I like the color schemes and the students really look like they are enjoying the process. I have always used the condiment cups as they keep the paint fresh for a loooooonnnnnng time! :) I'm definitely gonna use the magazine idea-Genious!

  2. I've used magazine palettes, too. They're great, but my younger students have had trouble with the peeling off part -- paper would tear, paint everywhere scene -- not that that stopped me from using them:)) I just had to give VERY careful directions on how to do it without the mess.

  3. These snowmen are so neato! I have done giant snowmen in the past on large drawing paper, but think I'd like to give this a "go" before holiday break!

  4. the snow men are amazing!

  5. The snowmen are adorable and will be a great inspiration for story writing for my first graders.

  6. Can you tell me what you mean about not doing "craft"? What is your delineation? Thanks.

    1. Sure - in this case, it was during our 2nd unit which doesn't include crafts as a concept to be covered. Later in the year, we cover crafts like weaving or jewelry making. This fell under "holiday crafts" in my opinion, because it isn't really based on a particular artist, period of art history or any of the concepts we were focusing on that quarter, but it was okay because it wasn't a regularly scheduled class. Hope that makes sense!
      It is really funny to me that this post is my most viewed post, and it has nothing to do with my curriculum - just a fun little holiday activity - ha!

  7. Cute idea. We are studying the States of Matter in Science. Going to use this as a way for students to explain the process that the snowman goes through from solid to gas. This craft will work well to hang in the hall with their writings.

  8. Hello from Greece! I wanted to let you know that I loved your snowman craft and I have featured it on my post "Snowmen from different angles crafts & games!" You can see it here:
    I would love your feedback! Have a happy weekend!

  9. Lovely Snowmen. Thank you this good idea. :)
    Eszter from Hungary, a 5 and 3 years little girls' mom :)


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