Monday, January 10, 2011

imaginary creatures with symmetry

Kindergarten artists created from their imaginations this week, after inspiration from the book Jeepers Creepers.
We discussed the different kinds of shapes from which the creatures were made, then we made a symmetrical organic shape for the start of our creature using the tried and true "paint drips rubbed in a folded paper" technique.  We were excited by the results of these - some looked like crabs, some like mice, some like aliens!
Next, we cut them out and added shapes from a variety of other papers. Details were added from the "doo-dad box": buttons, beads, feathers, string, foamies, etc.


  1. Wonderful project! I've enjoyed viewing your blog!
    I'm in GA too, and I hope you are finally thawing out from this wild icy weather:-)Can you believe this!?
    I love the Hokusai quote! Wish I had found it when I was working on my masters last year...did a dramatic project that included his work, the quote would have fit in well. Best, Vicki

  2. Love the reference to a great picture book - will have to find a copy of this! I hope to get a list going soon on my blog of all the great picture books we use in our art classrooms. I hope you'l contribute once I get the posting up & running!


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