Monday, September 1, 2014

Treasure, on the cheap

I am a bargain shopper. I think of it as my version of sport.
I thought I'd share a few new things from my classroom that were free, upcycled, or super cheap.
The end of the year can be a real smorgasbord for art teachers, if you don't mind a little trash-can-diving. I found entire boxes of transparencies and overhead projector cardboard frames, since our overhead projectors have been collecting dust the past few years. I thought these would be great for some new display frames for my six hallway bulletin boards around the school, one for each grade level. I display examples of every project we do all year, so there's always a show going on. These have become new signage frames for my art displays - now I can just slide a new sheet in every time I change the board, listing our new objectives, vocab, artist of inspiration, etc. The little wooden glasses and circles were part of a massive clearance I found at Michaels, where I basically backed my car up and loaded as much as I could :). Pennies on the dollar, seriously - 80% off plus coupon - and Liquitex spray paint, too! A match made in heaven.

Here's more of my clearance loot - you can see more of these in action, like my Following Wall, in my earlier post:

I made some Free Art Friday cases from old cassette boxes that were being thrown out as well. They are the perfect size to hold some cool handmade woven bracelets that my friend Claire made. We are having fun with our collaboration of sharing art in the world!

Kellen was one of the lucky Free Art Finders this week and the kids are excited that this will continue most Fridays this year - I am encouraging them to participate as sharers as well.

I have lots of art learning and production to share with you next week - here's a sneak peek of my 4th graders getting into their observational still life drawing! They are gonna be SO good.


  1. Your Free Art Fridays are getting a lot of buzz! A couple of teachers at your school have told me about it and I am all about that! Have you by chance seen this: ? I can't seem to find the longer version but this is a short documentary about Free Art in Atlanta. The longer version even has interviews with Evereman and Catlanta!

  2. Oh! Just found the full version :)


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