Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fancy Pants, indeed!

Get ready to fall in love, with pants! (Grown-ups, does that remind you of Letterman?) This lesson was so much fun, and I have Don at Shine Brite Zamorano and especially contemporary graphic artist Danny Ivan to thank for the idea. Don always has unique and inventive lessons based on living, breathing, current artists, illustrators, and designers. His lesson involves a stencil technique, which I will also be trying. ;)

One of our concepts in third grade art is drawing with expressive line, or making line varieties which express different kinds of "energy." Some of the descriptions I heard were "this line makes me feel like I'm on vacation" and "this one makes my blood pressure go up!"  When I saw the fancy pants activity, I knew it would be a hit. We started out with some thumbnail sketches to get warmed up, as artists do, and then we reviewed positive and negative shape from Dot lesson and found the appropriate spaces in our drawings. 
Our goal was to make a unique collection of lines that did not look like your neighbor's. We kept the color simple in the background to emphasize the expressive line. I think they are extra fancy!

The art walk at the end of the lesson, where we share compliments.


  1. Awesome job kiddos! and tanks for the shout out, lady:)

  2. Love this so much. Such a fun way to do line.


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