Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get in on the fun, kids!

There are three fun art related activities going on between now and the end of the month at Dolvin, and I'm inviting all students to get involved! 
1. Instagram Challenge - I participated in one of these over the summer and it was so much fun! I will post a new challenge each month - see the pic for this month's challenge. Please do this with your parents or teacher's assistance and permission. Don't forget your hashtags so I can find and repost your pics!

2. Guess the Artist - the images, clues, and guessing folder are all posted outside my door - a winner will be drawn at the end of the month and announced on the News Splash.

3. Next Monday, September 15 is International Dot Day and Dolvin is participating by wearing polka dots, or big dots, or really any dots you have on Monday.
Students in 3rd grade have been making dot-themed art, inspired by the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Here is the video version of the book if you haven't read it - enjoy!


  1. so... the instagram thing. how are you working that? are kids having parents sign permission slips to participate?

    1. It is something they are doing at home with their parents or in class, posted by their teachers. I'm not sending permission slips out at this time - if I see that there becomes a need I will, but for now I am telling the kids (and have it posted) that they may only participate with a parent or teacher. I'm hoping it will get parents involved :)


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