Saturday, September 13, 2014

Showing off in K-2

My youngest artists, grades K, 1, and 2, have been starting out with the basics - elements and craftsmanship - and some classic lessons. They've been doing a great job! We also found reading and Language Arts connections in each of these - soon they will know that art is connected to their life and learning in many ways!
Kindergarteners get so excited about learning to draw with line and shape after seeing that the Pigeon in Mo Willems funny books is made from them too. We also learned about using and caring for different art materials.


First graders learned about the nouns of art: people ( portraits), places (landscapes), and things (still lifes). We drew family portraits with a focus on filling the space, and talked about the importance of details in a story told with pictures or words.


Second graders learned about drawing from their imaginations and were inspired by Joan Miro's abstract work "People and Dog in Front of the Sun." We also learned that reading titles (and writing them too) can be helpful when trying to understand a work of art. Combining a variety of materials can add interest and texture.





  1. Loved seeing all the kids artwork. I love love love what the 2nd graders did though.

  2. Fabulous. What a symphony of colour, ideas and I'm guessing enjoyment.


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