Sunday, April 19, 2020

Welcome to the Spring Arts Showcase!

Hi Dolvin families and Smartest Artists! Although it is disappointing that we aren’t assembling for Fine Arts Night for the first time in decades, we are happy to present a celebration of art and music at Dolvin right in the comfort of your own homes! Here is the schedule for the week - everything will be posted here on my blog:
Monday - Welcome video, Fan Letters & Mystery Drawing
Tuesday - Artsonia from home how-to, Fan Letter
Wednesday - Share your home gallery, Fan Letter
Thursday - Art activity, Fan Letter
Friday - Wrap-up, sharing, and Fan Letter

It's MONDAY! Please watch this welcome video and then follow these easy steps to access our digital art show and portfolio review:

1. Go to our school's online art gallery here:
2. Type in your student's first name and select their portfolio.
3. Enjoy exploring the artwork you have collected over the years at Dolvin - notice how much you have grown as an artist! Talk about the different materials, techniques, and inspirations found in all the different works. What are you most proud of? What changes would you make?
4. Select "Comment" at the top of the gallery page to leave a comment on your student's work.
5. Share the love! Search for a friend's gallery (or browse the whole Dolvin gallery) and leave a comment on their work - it's always a thrill to read a compliment about your art. Parents, you will need to assist your child when posting comments for friends because you must be of a certain age - please enter the parent's birth year. Also, all comments require parental approval before they are posted. In addition, let distant family members know about this opportunity - I get so much amazing feedback from grandparents and family members who LOVE seeing their loved ones' art on Artsonia and leaving some Fan Mail!

If you'd like to write an actual paper Fan Letter like we have at Fine Arts Night, you can print one at home by clicking this link:

Remember that you can upload the art you are creating at home to your digital portfolio - just click on the "Artsonia" tab at the top of the page for the how-to's. All of the original pieces of art are safely stored at school in their student portfolios and will be returned to students when we are able to go back. Although our traditional frames are not available this year, Artsonia does offer art prints and many other products with your student's art on them.

Below, I am posting some behind the scenes pics from this year of our artists hard at work. They really warm my heart and make me feel so accomplished! Thank you, thank you for joining us and  celebrating the arts in our school! #DolvinGoesDigital #FCSrising 

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