Friday, April 3, 2020

Week 3 Wrap-Up!

I wanted to share some of the amazing work that students and parents have been sending me - I am incredibly proud of all the work you have created and so grateful to receive them - it makes me so happy to see your faces and your art!
I hope everyone has a nice spring break and we will have more fun "together" when we get back. Remember you can always check the Art at Home tab above if you are looking for a fun activity to try! I MISS YOU!

The mystery drawing was a birthday frog!

Second grader Ashley created an entire fashion show, including runway, models, and a backstage wardrobe area! 

Students have been sharing their work through Artsonia (see tab above for the how-to), Seesaw, email, Instagram, and Twitter.

Nate made chalk art with a broom that looks like a Monet painting...

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  1. You have a lot of amazing and fun ideas and some super creative students! I love how you are showcasing your students Art work! I have been making a google slide show of student art shared with me. Can you tell me what app you use to create your photo collages above? Thanks!


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