Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday - Spring Arts Showcase

I hope that you guys have enjoyed some fun art activities this week - it has been a thrill seeing what you have sent me! Today we are going to wrap up with some photos of the work you guys completed this week, a new Fan Letter from the Artsonia gallery, and a video lesson from me on coloring tips - so keep scrolling! :)
First let's take a look at this week's Mystery Drawings 😍😍😍: the Eiffel Tower with cherry blossoms

I'm so glad Mystery Drawings are something we can continue from our classroom - thanks for drawing with me, everyone!

Today's Fan Letter from the Artsonia Gallery goes toooo... 3rd graders Chloe and Serena, 4th grader Katsiaryna, and 5th graders Claire, Ashlyn and Haley:
Dear girls, 
Your pet portraits are amazing! Each of you found a unique way to show the beauty and sweetness of each of these FurKids shelter animals just by looking at their photos through your creative vision. It is wonderful to share your art with the world, especially when it can help others. Thank you for showing outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. #petpARTners
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

Here are some of the fabulous art submissions I received this week through Artsonia, Seesaw, Twitter, and email - I am proud of how all my artists are working independently at home!

Here is today’s drawing activity - spicing up your coloring projects! Grab your crayons and paper and let’s brush up on our coloring skills. 

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