Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Wednesday - Spring Art Showcase

Hi friends! Today I have a few fun activities for you. First, we are going to post our home galleries - where do you show off your creations at home? We want to see! The fridge, the bulletin board, maybe a scrapbook or file box... maybe even a fancy gallery wall! Take a picture of your favorite place(s) to show off your artwork and I will share them here soon. There are lots of ways to share your pictures with me - Artsonia, Seesaw, email, Instagram, and Twitter. I can’t wait for us to visit each other's galleries! Here are a few of my favorite art spots at home... my refrigerator, my coat hook ledge, my plant window, and my shadow box.

Next, I'd like to share this post from the High Museum of Art that inspired me, and I hope it will inspire you too. Make a sunny day work of art, or share your favorite by another artist - be sure and let us know who the artist is. Tag me and use hashtags #DolvinGoesDigital and #FCSrising - or I can post for you.

Finally, I'd like to share another Fan Letter from our Artsonia gallery - today's letter goes to first grader Emma Agos.
Dear Agos, 
Your self-portrait is so colorful and lovely - the hearts and bright colors fill me with cheer. I really like your crown and the way you used crayon and watercolor paint together. Thank you for trying your very best.
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

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  1. Hi Hope, you may already know about Padlet - I've been using it as an online gallery for my K-3 graders to hang their work during distance learning :) you might like to consider it also!


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