Monday, April 20, 2020

Tuesday- Spring Arts Showcase

Today I am sharing a video with you that will help you upload your art to Artsonia. In our art room, grades 2-5 have been uploading their art themselves. Parents will need to assist the K-1 kiddos.

I would also like to share two Fan Letters I wrote from our Artsonia gallery. I hope you will write some as well - see Monday’s post if you need the info on that.

Dear Carolyn and Adam (4th graders), 
I love your truck designs! Both of you came up with really clever ideas for your truck, and in your own unique ways. Adam's design is really detailed and complex, and he put a lot of thought into the features of the truck. Carolyn's bright and beachy ice cream truck looks right at home with the sand and surf. I would love to visit both of those trucks in real life - thanks for doing your best with this project. 
Your fan, Mrs. Knight

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