Friday, February 3, 2012

A fun, yet completely unfinished, week...

Some weeks everything is just "in progress" - here's a sneak peek of some really nice work that should be finished soon ...

Paper "quilt squares" for a 3rd grade Gee's Bend style quilt

5th grade face jugs, safely waiting in plastic for step 2

5th grade helped me put to use some saved "recyclables" that had overstayed their welcome

2nd graders made ink blot prints like Andy Warhol - Pet Portraits

1st grade Georgia Folk Art, beginning stages

4th graders learn about value, shading and cross-hatching as they illustrate a favorite fictional character

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  1. I love in progress weeks!! That means I am not 'starting' from scratch with every class the next week. It is so much easier to 'finish' up the lessons than introducing something with every single grade at the same time. ;-)


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