Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warhol's Ink Blot Monoprints: pet portraits

Here's a little snippet of the video we watched to prepare for our lesson.
"Fantastic...yeah." - probably what Andy Warhol would have said seeing our second graders in action, creating his style of blotted line drawing monoprints, or a print that can only be produced once.  Warhol created his own unique style of drawing in order to stand out in the crowd of graphic artists looking for advertising jobs.  This technique, which involves drawing with ink on a tracing paper sheet and rubbing newsprint over the top, gives a very special line quality to a drawing - some parts are thin or thick, fuzzy or smoth.  It is definitely a challenge for students who are concerned with things being neat or perfect - it was an exercise in staying loose and having some surprises in your work!  I am a huge fan of this kind of art because it is so expressive and has that special handmade quality.
Andy Warhol made a number of artworks about his cats, all named Sam, so we took that idea and made our own pet portraits.  Enjoy!

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