Saturday, February 11, 2012

Georgia Folk Art, 2012: 1st grade

First graders looked at the works of some of Georgia's most well-known folk artists, including Howard Finster, Mattie Lou O'Kelley and Nellie Mae Rowe.  Some of the things these artists had in common were growing up on a farm with a large family, and little or no schooling.  They were self-taught artists who painted scenes familiar to them and used materials they had available - notice the sheet of notebook paper as the background in this drawing by Nellie Mae Rowe:
The notebook paper reminded me of several artworks I'd seen on Pinterest that used book pages instead of blank paper, so we used some old books that were damaged and waiting to be recycled for our backgrounds.  We also looked at examples of folk art quilts - another example of reusing materials on hand for art-making - and made a "frame" from patterned paper squares. The uniqueness of all the chickens really makes me happy!


  1. I adore these. The book pages really add to the charm. I am inspired by your use of local folk artists.

  2. These are so charming. I agree with Shannah- the book pages peeking through add so much. I always forget to try and use more unusual or recycled backgrounds for art class. Thanks for the inspiration!


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