Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KDG Stamp Print Architecture 2012

It's time again for our kindergarten art unit on architecture - so fun!  This post is similar to last year's, with a few additions.  We started our unit with the book Where We Live, and we looked at examples of architecture in our own city of Atlanta.  We saw the modern white forms of the High museum, designed by architect Richard Meier, and drew our own plan for an art museum using combined shapes.  This was a great warm-up for our next activity - stamp-print architecture.  We use cardboard and other gadgets like marker tops, legos, and sponge shapes to stamp white patterns onto the paper.  Usually I leave these with simple white lines on dark paper (see here), but my paper this year wasn't as dark as I like so we added some elements like wood, brick, and stone with our markers for a little more contrast.  Next up, we build some 3-D forms using paper strips!

Great book on shelters in history

High Museum in Atlanta

stamping the lines with matboard and white tempera

adding details with gadgets

Step 1: complete

adding elements with marker: bricks, stones, wood, etc.

ready to take our blueprints home - rolled up into a tube, just like architects do!


  1. I love the rolled up blueprints with the little ring on them!! So fun!! I may try this out...but might just do the stamping part with the white. I think that looks beautiful!!!

  2. I LOVE every aspect of this lesson. Richard Meier also designed the Getty Center near us. With that and architect, Frank Gehry, living here, this would be a TERRIFIC lesson for our Kindergarteners. (I haven't yet planned everything I want to do with them during their rotation in May.) Thank you SO much for the great photos.

  3. awesome! the band on the rolled up blueprints was originally going to be a label, but i had no space to hang them right now so we just taped the label intoi a ring and slid them through - the kids were so excited. i like the simplicity of the white prints too - need to make sure i order darker blue paper next year - they looked a little washed out on the shade of blue i got this year. thanks for the nice words!

  4. These are amazing! The addition of color after the white paint is so cool! The bands are so clever even if that wasn't what they started out as. I love happy accidents like that, don't you? Now I know why your blog was voted #1. :)


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