Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trouble with comments

Lately, several people have mentioned that they cannot leave a comment because "they are not authorized" or some message along those lines.  I remember reading a couple of other posts from art teachers regarding this same issue, and Internet Explorer was supposedly not jiving with Blogger, creating this lack of commentary.  I do not have a problem when I use Safari from my home computer, so I suggest trying another internet browser if possible.  If anyone else has good suggestions, tips, or other ways to make commenting easier, please comment - of course, if you can, that is!!! 
Just for fun, here's a pic of my desk which is currently collecting some holiday loot - Happy Holidays, all!


  1. Woo! Who gave you that phone!? They're definitely gunning for an A. ;0)

  2. That LITERALLY just happened to me a second ago on your blog and the blog I was just at. For some reason I'm not automatically logged on as usual, but all I do is hit 'back' and then it's fine? I use Firefox.

  3. Ah...the perks of teaching you kids. High School students do not give gifts. An occasional card, but no gifts. Probably wouldn't be good for the diet anyway. Enjoy your break!

    I started using Chrome because of glitches with Explorer.

    1. I posted about this a while ago. It's not a problem for Mac users with Safari; the problem is for PC users with Microsoft Internet Explore. I use Mozilla Firefox without a problem but I understand Google Chrome works well too.


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