Friday, December 16, 2011

2nd grade Japanese Tea Bowls

This is a tea bowl made from clay.  It is used in Japan for the daily tea ceremony. 

We made the bowl from two slabs (body and base) and a coil (for the foot).

Sealing the seam

Cutting away the extra clay from the base

These pots are almost ready for their first firing.

These pots have been fired once, glazed, and are waiting for their second firing in the kiln.

We decorated the surface with Japanese symbols and characters.

Elders are always served their tea first as a sign of respect.

We prepared them to go home with a little information sheet.

Tea ceremonies are enjoyed in a clean, quiet, peaceful setting.

Many countries and cultures drink tea and make ceramic art. 
It's fun to see the differences and similarities!


  1. The tea bowls are wonderful and I commend you for doing a clay project of that degree of difficulty with 2nd graders. You must be one heck of an art teacher!

  2. Our tea bowls are going into the kiln today! I found this cute video on United Streaming and the second graders loved it: Let me know if the link doesn't work!

  3. Would you be willing to share your handouts for this lesson?

    1. Hi Linda, I think I purged these a while back... But, they were just simple Japanese characters and motifs for the seasons and days of the week, if I remember correctly. I would just do a quick google image search and I bet you will find just what you want.


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