Monday, December 5, 2011

4th grade:musical instrument prints

These prints were made from styrofoam sheets

We began by making contour drawings of different instruments

We tried different inks on a variety of papers

Some are very subtle and monochromatic

And some look like they glow in the dark!

Some are classic black & white

We tried rolling two colors on one roller

We labeled our series and added creative titles

We printed about 7 or 8 and mounted our favorite on a background

This is a favorite lesson of mine and it is always fun and successful for all ability levels


  1. I love printmaking and these look great! I ordered enough foam sheets so I can do a lesson with almost every grade. I wish I had a printing press so I could do more of my own printmaking.

  2. Nice. and great subject matter for contour drawing. Smart choice.


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