Saturday, March 26, 2016

This week in the art room...

Lots to share but nothing quite ready for the official end-of-project post! Here's what kept us busy creating this week:

Kindergarteners learned that Pop Art makes ordinary things EXTRAordinary! Our favorite letters and numbers go big, bright, and sparkly, inspired by Jasper Johns.

Kinders also completed their stamp print architecture designs.

Fourth grade is working on "the paint puddle that came to life," as well as package design.

First grade are learning about parts of a landscape, brushwork, and Vincent Van Gogh with our Starry Night paintings.

Second graders are creating secret codes hidden in shape collages, inspired by artist Auguste Herbin.

Some fifth graders are sending art and letters to their Pen Pals in California, while others complete their string art.

Third graders are completing their Calder inspired sculptures.

And finally... Our whole school has been participating in mARTch madness for Youth Art Month. Our overall winner was Van Gogh's Starry Night!  It's not over yet, though - one lucky student who writes an outstanding paragraph about the winning selection will receive a Youth Art Month reward!

Thanks for stopping by - more specifics to come about all these activities :).

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