Tuesday, March 15, 2016

mARTch madness, Youth Art Month 2016

Week one is in the books and we are beginning week two of our mARTch madness art picks for Youth Art Month. We are voting on a variety of artworks that we regularly refer to in art class.

Round one: 1. Starry Night vs. 2. Yard Sale
Who will be victorious between Van Gogh’s painterly night sky of Starry Night and Georgia’s own Mattie Lou O’Kelley, with her Georgia countryside and brightly colored folk art? Both artworks are landscape paintings, but their moods are very different.
Round two: 3. Great Wave vs. 4. Jazz Village
These two artworks are from different time periods and made from different materials – Hokusai of Japan carved the Great Wave into wood hundreds of years ago, while Romare Bearden cut and pasted his collage in the twentieth century. Which will come out on top with the most votes?

Round three: 5. Pop Art Figures vs. 6. Mona Lisa
It’s a tough call – both of these artworks are portraits of human figures, but are VERY different in style. Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Mona Lisa, was created during the Renaissance and is the world’s most recognized face. Can the bright colors and bold contours of Keith Haring’s modern street art compete?
Round four: 7. Lone Zig Zag vs. 8. Little Dancer
For our final match, we have two pieces of sculpture, or three-dimensional art. Calder’s Lone Zig Zag is an abstract sculpture that is kinetic, or moveable. What do you imagine when you see it? Degas’ metal sculpture of a young ballerina is life size and very true-to-life. Which will come out on top?

For the second week, we are going a little deeper with the final four winners and doing some compare/contrast work before voting. We are also using an online voting method instead of the paper ballots used last week.
Stay tuned for our final two and the overall winner!


  1. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much!!

  2. Love this idea! I hope it's okay to use in my Art room.

  3. I made a march Madness poster with Van Gogh and am doing another based on Munch....thought the Van Gogh was an original idea but realize now I must have seen yours before. I'll give you props for the idea though....with your permission. Do you have an email where I might send you a pic?

  4. Forgot to add my email.... It's ssharp@pdsd.org. Thanks!


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