Saturday, March 5, 2016

First grade pinch pots with stitching

We spiced up our pinch pots this year by poking holes before firing and stitching through them when complete! So cute!
We used straws to slowly twist the holes through, then glazed the interior and exterior with Blick glaze. Tie a yarn length through a hole and use a paper strip threader with your plastic needle and get to stitching!

This is an old pic of the threading process with a metal needle- we used plastic ones for this:


  1. I was just about to do a pinch pot class with first graders when I found this post. So cute! Thank you for the inspiration to do something different! Maria WA

  2. HI,
    I am the owner of Artnest Pottery Atelier & Classes. I am ceramic artist but I love working with students and I always look for something interesting for them to do. Really like the stitched pots but I am just thinking..why not to use small clay coils instead of a paper strip threader . I will give it to go .... Dorota @


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