Friday, January 30, 2015

Symmetrical Monoprinting

Second grade, shapes with symmetry, paint one side and print the other - much fun and success for all! Many chose hearts as their symmetrical shape. "Paint a little, print a little" was our theme, so that the tempera wouldn't dry too soon. Beauties, every one, with many unexpected surprises.


  1. How cool! The kids must have had fun opening their papers to reveal their designs.

  2. Love these- such a simple yet effective way to do mono-printing. Do you have a preferred brand of tempera paint? Your colours seem so vibrant-

    1. Hey Miss, I use Blick brand tempera and I give LOTS of reminders to keep the brushes clean between colors to avoid mud. The only color that was specialty was the pink - it was from a neon set. Thanks lady!

  3. These are really wonderful~~I went back to my old route (today) of having them paint on a copy of a heart, quick and thick. The prints come out a bit foggy and look like woodcuts which I think is magnificent. The kids aren't as impressed as me, of course!! The monoprint technique is so sophisticated. I think tomorrow I'm going to try your method again and limit colors like you suggested :)


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