Friday, January 23, 2015

International Day 2015

Today was a special day here at Dolvin - not only was it the 100th day of school, but it was also International Day, with global activities galore. The day began with a parade of countries, and many students wear clothing and costumes from their native lands.

After that, workshops were held around the building that focused on international art, music, storytelling, food, sports, and more.  In art class, students made passports the week before to take with them today and have stamped as they traveled from one country station to the next. 

Today in art, classes rotated through every 30 minutes to learn about the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration and try their hands at some Chinese calligraphy, writing Happy New Year which is then attached to a red lantern to hang for good luck in 2015. Chinese New Year is coming up on February 19 and this year is the Year of the Goat - the animal of the year rotates every 12 years.

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