Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting ready for some 3-D action!

Second semester involves a good bit of 3-D work, both actual building and creating illusions of space with perspective. So, the first week back, all of my classes looked at a variety of sculpture and discussed the qualities, styles, and materials used. Here are a few they really liked:

After that, we did a warm-up activity in table teams involving building forms and then drawing them on our paper, trying to capture the 3D-ness in our drawings. It was a fun and also challenging exercise, with everybody fully engaged. They really enjoyed learning the difference between shape/form and discussing how we measure flat things in two directions (2-D) and "popping up" things in three directions (3-D), like a rectangle paper vs. a rectangular tissue box. Found these blocks in the discard pile at the end of last year - what a score!

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