Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What have I learned so far?

As we begin our second unit, Art is a Form of Creative Communication, I will share with you some of the ways we have wrapped up our first unit with some fun critiques. These first few photos show my second graders filling out a 3-2-1 sheet - three things I learned, two things I like about my work, and one thing I would change. After reviewing all the work in their portfolios, they filled out their own and then we paired up to share our thoughts with our classmates. They really enjoyed this and I hope they will take them home to their parents to talk about some of our art learning so far!


The next photos show my first graders completing a rubric about their favorite artwork from Unit 1. Once complete, we did an art walk and students could add hearts, smileys, or question marks (if they wanted to ask the artist a question)at the bottom of each other's rubrics.


The next two are from the 3rd grade project I recently posted about, but I thought I'd include it here too since it's relevant to the topic. First we wrote about our own, then we "art sandwiched" a friend's work.
As I mentioned in an earlier post this year, most of these critique forms were adapted from some I found on Pinterest or other blogs, so thanks again art teachers for sharing such useful ideas. You can also see on that post the rubric my 4th and 5th graders are using on a selected piece from each unit. 
Watching the students compliment each other and express their feelings in these formats has been a real treat for me, and hasn't been as time consuming as I once worried it would be. I am going to try to get some form of this in each 9 weeks!
**Update - you can get some of my newest goals and rubrics at my Teachers Pay teachers store here:



  1. Awesome! I love to see that you are doing all this with your younger students also! I do critiques/reflections with my 2nd-5th grades and i am planning on doing it with my K and 1st starting in jan. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. I am so impressed with the reflections and assessments you are doing with your students:) Great work!


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